Teaching room support and equipment

The audio-visual services unit is responsible for the audio-visual facilities in over 130 common-use teaching rooms and lecture theatres across the University. The types of rooms supported vary from a classroom containing a single overhead projector, to full touch-screen-controlled auditoriums which use the latest in audio-visual technology.

Teaching room support is available to teaching staff, students and external users for all centrally booked rooms within the Teaching and Learning Commons. Training on the use of the equipment located in these rooms is offered by appointment by logging a job with the ANU Service Desk.

Listed below are the different types of audio-visual equipment that you may come across in our rooms. Should a problem arise with any audio-visual equipment call 54321 option 1, 1 for assistance.

Information Commons computers

All teaching rooms have Information Commons PCs that are connected to the network. You can log on to any Information Commons computer using your ANU ID and password and access to your personal Pebble files and the Internet. All PCs are running Windows XP and a comprehensive list of installed software is available.

Data projectors

The majority of teaching rooms have data projectors permanently attached to the ceiling. They are controlled via a control panel or a remote control handset. Data projectors are used to display images from the Information Commons PC; a laptop; the video/DVD, or an external source connected via the AUX input panel.

Laptop connection

All our rooms with data projectors have the facility to connect a laptop. The cable is usually located on the AV cabinet or front bench. There is also a cable for network connection and audio if required. Once connected to the system, and the data projector and laptop are switched on you may need to configure your laptop to display the image on the projection screen.

VCR/DVD/Blu-Ray player

All rooms with a data projection system also have a VCR/DVD combo or Blu-Ray unit to allow playback of Blu-Rays, DVDs or VHS cassettes. They play the image back via the data projector and the sound is audible via the room sound system. The VCR/DVD/Blu-Ray player is controlled via a control panel or a standard remote control. Most VCR/DVD/Blu-Ray players are capable of playing Australian (PAL) as well as USA standard (NTSC) video cassettes and multi-region DVD's. A VCR/DVD/Blu-Ray player instruction sheet is available.

35mm slide projector

35mm slide projectors are available in selected theatres and all projectors take standard carousel trays. The projectors have forward/reverse/focus via a standard wired remote control or a control panel. A 35mm slide projector instruction sheet is available.

Overhead projector

Most teaching rooms have an overhead projector. All overhead projectors installed have dual lamp facility with a 'quick change' lever/control to let the user to switch to the 'spare' lamp should one lamp fail during the course of their teaching session. An overhead projector instruction sheet is available.

Document camera (visualiser)

Document cameras—also often known as visualisers—have the ability to display acetates via the data projection system and can also display pages from books and even solid objects. A document camera instruction sheet is available.

Voice reinforment system

The larger lecture theatres have public address or voice reinforcement systems. There are two different types of microphones—desk (or bench) microphones on a lectern and radio microphones. Desk (or bench) microphones are beneficial for users who tend to be static and remain at the lectern when lecturing, while radio (or wireless) microphones work via radio technology, have no cables and enable the user to roam freely while delivering their lecture.

A public address systems instruction sheet is available.

Please note, microphones need to be used for DLD recordings.

Push button control panel

Installed in some teaching rooms, this simple push button panel eradicates the need for multiple remote controls and allows the user to control the data projector, volume, and input source from one panel. A push button control panel instruction sheet is available.

Touch-screen control

Many theatres have touch-screen control systems that allow complete control of the data projector; VCR/DVD/Blu-Ray player; lights; screen, and volume. A touch-screen control instruction sheet is available.

Aux AV input panel

Some teaching rooms have the ability to connect an external piece of audio-visual equipment via an auxiliary panel which is normally located on either the AV cabinet or front bench. An Aux/External input select button will be located on the control panel.

Remote management

We have remote management facilities installed in many of our teaching rooms to provide remote assistance and ensure rapid response times to simple faults and user difficulties. Call 54321 option 1, 1 for immediate assistance.



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